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North Myrtle Beach Lawyer

Defense Attorney North Myrtle Beach Richard Gustafson has been practicing law in South Carolina for almost 25 years. He has been a North Myrtle Beach Lawyer for more than a decade …and has devoted his practice primarily to Criminal Defense

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Auto Accidents

Do you need an Auto Accident Attorney North Myrtle Beach Area? Contact Richard Gustafson,  the top auto accident attorney in the North Myrtle Beach area which hosts millions of people each year from all over the world. Many of them

DUI Attorney

DUI Defense Attorney

Horry County DUI Defense Lawyer Being stopped for DUI does not make you guilty! We’ll Fight For The Alternatives. If you’re pulled over and charged with DUI, you need to hire a DUI Defense Attorney that specializes in South Carolina

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

North Myrtle Beach Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Representing Clients In Myrtle Beach And North Myrtle Beach The local prosecutor will do everything possible to seek a conviction once you have been arrested and charged with domestic assault or other related

Traffic Violations

North Myrtle Beach Traffic Ticket? Should you just pay it? Traffic Violations  Are More Serious Than You Might Think – Hire A Lawyer If you received a speeding ticket while passing through the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina, or

Myrtle Beach Criminal defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Attorney

You need the best defense if you are arrested in Horry County!  Call us if you are facing charges. We work hard to get the best result for you. Most people have no idea how the criminal justice system works.