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Traffic Violations  Are More Serious Than You Might Think – Hire A Lawyer

If you received a speeding ticket while passing through the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina, or are facing serious traffic violations for reckless driving while visiting on vacation or spring break, don’t blow it off. Most states use a point system for licensed drivers. Your traffic violation in South Carolina will typically be reported to your own state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Myrtle Beach Traffic TicketMany police officers will tell you at the scene of the traffic stop that it is best to just pay the fine. What else would you expect them to say. Believe us when we say that it makes good financial and legal sense to fight your ticket. Get competent, experienced defense representation so the violation won’t come back to bite you later.

Is It Really That Serious?

Nearly every driver gets a speeding ticket or other moving violation at some point over the course of his or her driving life. One or two tickets spread out over 10 years probably won’t have too much of a negative effect. However, insurance companies are beginning to keep careful records and even a single ticket can result in increased premiums or denied insurance if you try to change companies. All of a sudden, that speeding ticket fine becomes a lot more expensive.

Serious Traffic Violations – The Lawyer You Hire Can Protect Your Driver’s License

Myrtle Beach Traffic LawyerMyrtle Beach police know that we are among the leading travel destinations in the southeastern U.S. They take great pride in making sure that residents of the area live in a safe community. That means the police are often quick to make arrests for more serious traffic violations that typically occur over college spring break week and during the high summer vacation season. Attorney Richard Gustafson has years of experience helping people protect their driver’s license from confiscation when arrested for a serious traffic offense like reckless driving, DUI and other charges.

No Matter Where You Are From Or Where You Were Going, Let Us Help

If you are facing a traffic violation, don’t assume there isn’t anything you can do about it. Call Gustafson Law Firm in North Myrtle Beach. Depending upon your driving record and the circumstances of your violation, we can often make arrangements to fight your ticket without making you return to the area for a municipal hearing.

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