Be careful what flows out of your room

The smell of marijuana at an Ocean Boulevard motel prompted the discovery of several types of drugs and an arrest on Tuesday morning, according to a Myrtle Beach police report.

Now the  motel guest will be in need of a criminal defense attorney.

Officers were called about 10 a.m. to the Budget Inn at 501 North Ocean Boulevard.  There was a complaint about the smell of marijuana wafting from a motel room, as well as heavy foot traffic there.

Police said they smelled marijuana when the door was answered.  They spoke with Shanna Marie Smith, 32.  She allegedly told police there was un-smoked marijuana on a nightstand, the report states.

Authorities quickly seized the marijuana and detained Smith. A search warrant was then obtained.  An officer looking through the bathroom said a large, clear bag containing multiple bags and slips was found hidden within a stack of paper cups, police said.

The discovery was weighed and tested by police.  They said the various substances field tested for: 10 grams of heroin (60 slips), .74 grams Fentanyl, 7.9 grams of cocaine, 12.25 grams of crack cocaine, another package of heroin was found weighing .6 grams, and more marijuana was also discovered, weighing 2.7 grams, according to the report.

Items that appeared to be drug paraphernalia were also seen throughout the room, police said.

Smith was arrested and charged in connection with: trafficking of heroin and crack, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession with intent to distribute Schedule II drug, simple possession of marijuana, and four counts of distribution within a half mile of a park, the police report states.

A 34-year-old man was also registered to the room. He was not there when police seized the drugs, according to the report. Authorities said they obtained warrants for his arrest in connection with the same charges as Smith.

All evidence was photographed, and a DEU agent assisted police on scene.

Smith is being held at the Myrtle Beach Jail, and her bond was not set as of Wednesday morning.

The evidence was blowing in the wind.