People come to the beach to have a good time.  Sometimes a good time gets a little out of hand and you end up in a situation you never dreamed of.

That’s when it’s time to call the best North Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense Attorney!

You have a life back at home and you need to get back to living that life.  We are able to help you get this episode behind you and get you back to your world soon with as few repercussions as possible.

Richard Gustafson and his team have many decades of experience defending people against charges that may result from a misunderstanding at the beach.  That’s why you should trust Gustafson Law Firm as your Criminal Attorney.

Richard’s team will investigate the situation and go in depth to see what prosecutors may or may not have in the way of convicting you.  From there he goes on the offensive and punches any holes in their case that may be there. He believes that you deserve the absolute best criminal defense possible and will do what’s necessary to mitigate the negative consequences that the prosecutors try to put you through.

The police might ask for your help – Don’t talk to them.

He understands that it’s the police and prosecutor’s job to try to get the conviction, no matter what. But he also knows that you are innocent until proven guilty. The prosecutor will not have any easy job doing that.


As soon as you are arrested, make your first call to (843)249-2252.  Then use your right to remain silent. Don’t interview with police. Don’t ask them to “help you”. Do  call (843)249-2252 and ask Richard to handle it. Anything you say can (and will be) used against you.

Never be rude or agressive towards the police – they are just doing their job.  But you do not have to answer their questions.  You might be nervous and say something in an inconsistent manner – this might make you look guilty.

Don’t interview with police. Don’t ask them to “help you”. Do  call (843)249-2252 and ask Richard to handle it.

Criminal Defense Attorney in North Myrtle Beach