Beware phone calls and emails claiming to be the IRS
Spam and scams are all over the internet. They are also invading your phone space. There have been some changed to the “do not call list” that the government made such a big deal about a few years ago. Recently phone calls from unscrupulous people have been multiplying over the last few months. For the savvy, 21st century techno-file they are a nuisance. For some of your family and friends these calls might take their life savings.

Honesty is not their policy

Most of us grew up with morals and with the idea that honesty is the best policy. The people making these call have no such moral compass. The photo is from voicemail to text and is however, not from the Internal Revenue Service. Make sure you speak to your older family and friends who may be more vulnerable to the ruthless people that will tell you you are going to jail if you don’t give them a credit card number.

Make sure you talk about these calls to anyone you feel might fall for this scam. The people calling are relentless and will stop at nothing to scare people into giving up their credit card number.

When in Doubt, Check it Out

The IRS has a page with the latest scams being perpetuated by those who would part you with your money.  Click Here if you have questions about an email,phone call or “Official Letter” that claims to be from the IRS.

Is the IRS going to put you in jail?