No matter the charges, if you are charged with a crime – don’t give up.  Don’t let the government hand out a punishment without doing whatever is necessary to mitigate the outcome.  Call an attorney before talking to police and don’t plead guilty until you’ve had the advice of a qualified, Criminal Defense Attorney.


Call (843)249-2252

Here’s Law Professor James Duane of Regent Law School explaining why you should not talk to the police.
Even if you’re completely innocent. Don’t Talk to the Police! (you can say, Hello” but do not discuss any criminal matter with the police. That’s what Lawyers are for.

The second part of the video is a police officer telling why you should not talk to police officers.

Never talk to police officers except to tel them you are calling (843)249-2252 to speak to your lawyer.

Top Ten Reasons (ok maybe 8) Why not to talk to the police:

  • There is no way it can help you.
  • If you are guilty – and even if you are not – you may admit your guilt with no benefit in return.
  • Even if you are innocent and deny your guilt and mostly tell the truth, you can get easily carried away and tell some little lie or make some little mistake that will hang you.
  • Even if you are innocent and only tell the truth, you will always give the police some information that can be used to help convict you.
  • Even if you are innocent and only tell the truth and do not tell police anything incriminating, your answers can be used to crucify you if the police don’t recall your testimony with 100% accuracy.
  • Even if you are innocent and only tell the truth and do not tell police anything incriminating and your statement is recorded, your answers can be used to crucify you if the police don’t recall the exact questions they asked.
  • Even if you are innocent and only tell the truth and do not tell police anything incriminating and your entire interview is recorded, your answers can still be used to crucify you if the police have any other evidence (even if it’s not mistaken or unreliable evidence) that anything you’ve ever said is false – Even if what you’ve said is actually true.

On June 27, 2014, the body of 20-year-old Andrew Sadek, a promising electrical student at the North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) in Wahpeton, North Dakota, was pulled from the Red River bordering North Dakota and Minnesota.

Missing for two months, the young man was found shot in the head, wearing a backpack filled with rocks.

The grisly death of a college student in one of the safest towns in the state did not lead to a sweeping investigation. In fact, police immediately said they did not suspect foul play.

Such a supposition strains credulity as it is, but what would be slowly revealed over the following months is that Andrew had been working as a confidential informant for the police, and that his school knew that authorities were busting its students and using them as bait to catch drug dealers.

From :

Andrew can be seen being “turned” in a video here. He did not consult a lawyer or even his parents (he was 20) before walking into that interrogation room.

Another “luckier” student was harassed by police.  He was told that if he did not wear a wire and entrap his friends, he would face 30 years in jail. He chose to walk out of the police interrogation and demand a lawyer. He ended up with 18 months probation.

Police might take advantage of a person’s vulnerability.

Many people find themselves in trouble and are faced with hardcore police tactics to recruit them for “The War on Drugs”. In most cases the C.I. is someone who could use drug counseling and intervention. Unethical police might ignore the pain and weakness of the person and ask them to perform risky things like “wearing a wire” or actually buying and selling drugs to entrap their friends or acquaintances.

If you or someone you care about is coerced by law enforcement officers to “turn on their dealer” or “help the police get evidence” in exchange for not being prosecuted, have them call (843)249-2252. We strongly urge you to consider the entirety of your situation from another perspective. Remember that is the job of the police to make arrests, not to look out for your interests.

South Carolina lawmakers are considering a bill that would not allow LEOs and prosecutors to use people who are in the court system as CIs. This would keep folks who might be charged with a minor offense to feel pressured to turn in other (even if the others are innocent) just to get out of the charges they face.

A Bill has been introduced stating:


Should this bill become law it would make it harder for police to pressure those accused of a crime to cooperate.

While we don’t think all police are unscrupulous we must recognize that the system rewards them for more arrests. It’s much easier to have a vulnerable person turn in others that it is to catch people who might be in the privacy of their own home.

Be careful what flows out of your room

The smell of marijuana at an Ocean Boulevard motel prompted the discovery of several types of drugs and an arrest on Tuesday morning, according to a Myrtle Beach police report.

Now the  motel guest will be in need of a criminal defense attorney.

Officers were called about 10 a.m. to the Budget Inn at 501 North Ocean Boulevard.  There was a complaint about the smell of marijuana wafting from a motel room, as well as heavy foot traffic there.

Police said they smelled marijuana when the door was answered.  They spoke with Shanna Marie Smith, 32.  She allegedly told police there was un-smoked marijuana on a nightstand, the report states.

Authorities quickly seized the marijuana and detained Smith. A search warrant was then obtained.  An officer looking through the bathroom said a large, clear bag containing multiple bags and slips was found hidden within a stack of paper cups, police said.

The discovery was weighed and tested by police.  They said the various substances field tested for: 10 grams of heroin (60 slips), .74 grams Fentanyl, 7.9 grams of cocaine, 12.25 grams of crack cocaine, another package of heroin was found weighing .6 grams, and more marijuana was also discovered, weighing 2.7 grams, according to the report.

Items that appeared to be drug paraphernalia were also seen throughout the room, police said.

Smith was arrested and charged in connection with: trafficking of heroin and crack, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession with intent to distribute Schedule II drug, simple possession of marijuana, and four counts of distribution within a half mile of a park, the police report states.

A 34-year-old man was also registered to the room. He was not there when police seized the drugs, according to the report. Authorities said they obtained warrants for his arrest in connection with the same charges as Smith.

All evidence was photographed, and a DEU agent assisted police on scene.

Smith is being held at the Myrtle Beach Jail, and her bond was not set as of Wednesday morning.

People come to the beach to have a good time.  Sometimes a good time gets a little out of hand and you end up in a situation you never dreamed of.

That’s when it’s time to call the best North Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense Attorney!

You have a life back at home and you need to get back to living that life.  We are able to help you get this episode behind you and get you back to your world soon with as few repercussions as possible.

Richard Gustafson and his team have many decades of experience defending people against charges that may result from a misunderstanding at the beach.  That’s why you should trust Gustafson Law Firm as your Criminal Attorney.

Richard’s team will investigate the situation and go in depth to see what prosecutors may or may not have in the way of convicting you.  From there he goes on the offensive and punches any holes in their case that may be there. He believes that you deserve the absolute best criminal defense possible and will do what’s necessary to mitigate the negative consequences that the prosecutors try to put you through.

The police might ask for your help – Don’t talk to them.

He understands that it’s the police and prosecutor’s job to try to get the conviction, no matter what. But he also knows that you are innocent until proven guilty. The prosecutor will not have any easy job doing that.


As soon as you are arrested, make your first call to (843)249-2252.  Then use your right to remain silent. Don’t interview with police. Don’t ask them to “help you”. Do  call (843)249-2252 and ask Richard to handle it. Anything you say can (and will be) used against you.

Never be rude or agressive towards the police – they are just doing their job.  But you do not have to answer their questions.  You might be nervous and say something in an inconsistent manner – this might make you look guilty.

Don’t interview with police. Don’t ask them to “help you”. Do  call (843)249-2252 and ask Richard to handle it.

Spring Break defense lawyerIt all started so innocently. I booked a house for me and a few friends for spring break in Cherry Grove South Carolina. But then I ended up in jail.

Just a note to spring breakers

– if you rent a house, you are responsible for the stuff that goes down in that house. And by responsible I mean – you can go to jail.

So here I was, a junior at State, hanging with my homeys and soakin’ up some sun (I’m sure I’ll get skin cancer one day – but that’s another story) and chillin with some brewski on the beach. Then this thing happened – the kind of thing that makes for hilarious movies, but when it happens in the real world is like the worst thing that can happen. This night – it might have been two nights but I’m not really sure – which apparently was a great night for some people, turned my life into a nightmare.

Note to spring breakers

– Do not talk like that to police. The way I remembered it was that the local fuzz showed up. They said a neighbor had an issue with our party. As I recall they were old and jealous of the fun we were having. The way the police wrote it up was more like we were out of control. I personally was enjoying a nice evening while others who were outside the house were allegedly being obnoxious or whatever.

So when it all went south there were several cars with blue lights outside our vacation home and a hundred or so people making tracks through the sleepy little neighborhood that should have known it was spring break and just left for a week. I tried to assure the police officers that all was well and that our guests just happened to be leaving right now. I said they could continue looking for robbers and whatnot. But that was not taken in the manner I had intended it. I guess because I’m not from there they didn’t understand my dialect or whatever and things were misunderstood, resulting in my temporary incarceration.

The next morning bail was made and we were back on the beach contemplating the aftermath of the preceding evening when one of our crew told the tale of a similar event that had snuck up on his father, some thirty years ago. His dad had advised that once bail was paid in North Myrtle Beach that it was the end of the issue and I was good to go.

Another Spring Break Note

When I got back to school, however, I confided in a chap at the university what had happened. I said that I was “good to go.”

He told me that was no longer the case. That in today’s world the folks in North Myrtle Beach had no say in what could go down as far as scholarships, future career choices and even my reputation in the community.

He said to get a defense lawyer and go to court or there would be a conviction on my record. That could mean no more scholarships, no hope of getting a government job, and even worse.

I heeded his advice and called up Richard Gustafson, Attorney at Law! He said that for sure the night’s events could have far-reaching effects. He then went about my case lickety split! Richard listened to my story and believed me. After a few months it was all done.  Now I can go about my life as a regular citizen once again.

Don’t skip town thinking that your night in jail will be forgotten – Get Gustafson!

This story is fictionalized.Your conviction, however, could affect your livelihood, you ability to drive and other factors in your life. This means that you should call the best Defense Lawyer in North Myrtle Beach. Call (843)249-2252 and find out how to minimize any long-term consequences of any Spring Break mishaps

Why you need a Defense Lawyer

Standing before a judge is intimidating.  This person’s decision can change your life in ways that you can only imagine. Don’t stand there without a Defense Lawyer.  A simple thing like a traffic ticket used to be a fine and go on with your life, but in today’s world of computerized background checks and with a hyper-competitive job market Even small infractions on your record may be the difference between reaching your full potential and looking on from the sidelines.

Myrtle Beach Defense LawyerBefore you stand in front of that judge, mitigate the consequences by consulting with our experienced team.  You don’t have to stand in front of the judge alone. You can have a lawyer with 3 decades experience, much of it working with the very judge you might face.

Richard Gustafson has a working relationship with the courts her in Horry County and knows the law. His team will find the best possible outcome for your scenario and tell you the options you face long before you have to look a judge in the eye.

If you are concerned about career implications of a potential conviction, you should call (843)249-2252 and find out the ways that you can avoid a conviction or mitigate the consequences of your pending situation.

There are other North Myrtle Beach Lawyers, but few who have the outstanding record as  a public defender and criminal defense lawyer that Richard has.   You need the best North Myrtle Beach criminal defense attorney you can get.
Get the best team on your side. Get the results you need.
Get Gustafson!

Most interactions with police officers are non-confrontational and of a simple nature. But sometimes things happen that shouldn’t. Sometimes people do or say the wrong thing to police and sometimes the police say or do the wrong thing.

North Myrtle Beach LawyerLuckily today we have more and more cameras in police cars and on their bodies to record what is actually happening. This makes a court appearance based more on evidence rather than taking the word of one person over the other.

Your North Myrtle Beach Lawyer can get all the evidence to defend you

This is another reason it is important to hire a North Myrtle Beach Lawyer to defend you. Attorneys know the way to make sure everything is presented into evidence in the correct manner and make sure that the police have acted properly in their interaction with you.

If you are arrested for a Myrtle Beach DUI, your initial interaction is often the only evidence entered in court. If you do not consent to testing then the amount of evidence against you is minimized. You have the legal right in South Carolina to refuse tests. You will have to surrender your license for a period of time but this does not mean you automatically are convicted. If police try to intimidate you or pressure you – know your rights. Ask to speak to your lawyer before you give any statements to the officers. Call (843)249-2252

Criminal defense attorney Richard Gustafson
Criminal defense attorney Richard Gustafson leads a team that can defend you

Gustafson Law Firm has been defending clients for two decades and knows how to prepare your case. Our thorough approach to your case includes:

  • Gathering all the necessary background information
  • Considering case law
  • Interviewing the necessary people

Therefore making sure that you get the best defense possible. You can have the confidence that your legal team.  Our criminal defense attorneys and  investigators will give you the best options available for your situation.

Before you talk to police or prosecutors, call the best criminal defense attorney in North Myrtle Beach. Gustafson Law Firm practices criminal defense in Horry County, South Carolina.  If you are being prosecuted in North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach or anywhere in Horry County you need Gustafson as your criminal defense attorney team.

Experience counts

Lead Criminal Defense Attorney Richard Gustafson worked as a public defender before opening his private practice.  This gives him the  gravitas in dealing with prosecutors and the experience to prepare your case the proper way.
Richard’s teams of investigators, paralegals and criminal defense attorneys will represent you well and get the best result for your situation. Richard listens to you and makes sure your side of the story is represented to the court.  Consequently,  you get the best representation available.

Call (843)249-2252 and “Get Gustafson” on your case. He is the criminal defense attorney with decades of success behind him that can get the results you need.