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Being stopped for DUI does not make you guilty. We’ll Fight For The Alternatives.

Myrtle Beach DUI Defense Attorney For many people in the Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina, getting pulled over and charged with DUI means pleading guilty but it doesn’t have to be that way. You need to hire a DUI Defense Attorney that specializes in South Carolina DUI law.

Free consultation! If you are arrested for DUI while visiting Myrtle Beach, Get Gustafson – North Myrtle Beach DUI defense attorney at (843)249-2252.

Gustafson Law Firm knows that negotiating a guilty plea may not be in your best interest. We will stand up and fight for the best possible outcome. We’re willing to investigate the probable cause for the traffic stop. We might have to challenge the police actions at the scene and the way the Breathalyzer or blood alcohol content (BAC) test was administered at the police station.  We will advise you on every option to avoid a conviction and the punishment that could change your life.

Fight hard to keep a DUI conviction off your record!

“Whether you are a local resident or a student or vacationing visitor pulled over and charged with DUI in the Myrtle Beach area, you don’t have to accept a plea agreement with the prosecutor. There are options available that I will fight for. Keeping a conviction off your record is always my highest priority.” Attorney Richard Gustafson

Our founding attorney, Richard Gustafson, worked for more than 14 years as a public defender. He has handled thousands of DUI cases and gained in-depth, hands-on knowledge of the laws and prosecutors’ strategies for seeking a conviction. Today, our law firm offers the benefit of Richard’s knowledge and aggressiveness when defending the rights, the freedom and the future of our clients charged with driving while intoxicated.

Services include:

  • Attend arraignment and all other hearings on your behalf
  • Thorough investigation of the charges
  • Evidentiary hearings, legal motions to challenge and/or suppress prosecutor’s evidence
  • Aggressive strategies to have charges dismissed or reduced from misdemeanor or felony DUI to traffic violation
  • Attend hearing for driver’s license reinstatement
  • Handle all traffic violations related to the DUI traffic stop and charges
  • Provisional driver’s license, as needed
  • Strategies to find appropriate probation program as alternative to a conviction
  • Trial preparation and lead counsel if the case proceeds to court

Should You Submit To The Breathalyzer Or BAC Test? Not Without A Lawyer.

If you are searching for a DUI defense lawyer and have not yet submitted to a Breathalyzer or other type of BAC test, you have made a good decision. Don’t let the police use scare tactics to get you to submit to giving the prosecutor evidence against you. DO NOT take the BAC test until you have an experienced DUI defense attorney advising you of your rights. Call our office in North Myrtle Beach to arrange a free consultation as soon as possible. If you are unable to come to our law firm, attorney Gustafson will make arrangements to come to you.

Call us at (843)249-2252 to schedule a free consultation as soon as possible. You may also use our convenient email contact form to explain your circumstances and request a return phone call.
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