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violenceThe local prosecutor will do everything possible to seek a conviction once you have been arrested and charged with domestic assault or other related domestic violence charge in Horry County, South Carolina .  You will need a North Myrtle Domestic Violence Defense Attorney . District attorneys are cracking down on domestic cases, and the penalties are getting tougher every year.

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Will You Go To Jail?

Depending upon the circumstances of the arrest and charges you face, there are often probation options available, therefore getting you into a program that will help you avoid a conviction and jail time. We will work hard on your behalf to get the charges dismissed or reduced. You deserve the chance to protect your record and your freedom.

The Potential Consequences

A domestic violence accusation on your record can have a long-term effect on your opportunities for school, jobs and government programs. A conviction for a misdemeanor can mean a heavy fine and up to a year in jail. A felony conviction, however, for multiple offense or serious assault injury can mean spending years in prison.

Listen to the voice of reason.

“The most important thing a good lawyer can do for someone accused of domestic violence is to act as a voice of reason. I know you are worried about losing contact with your home and family right now.  Most of all, don’t do anything that will dig yourself deeper into a hole. I want to help. I can help. Call me now.” Attorney Richard Gustafson

When know you are being questioned for domestic assault or have already been charged, call Gustafson Law Firm in North Myrtle Beach. Our founding attorney, Richard Gustafson, has years of experience helping people avoid the harsh penalties that come with a conviction. Richard’s  former prosecutor for more than 14 years, so he has stood tall to defend hundreds of individuals accused of abuse and other domestic charges.
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