Domestic Violence in South Carolina It’s the worst feeling in the world.  You’re looking at the person you love more than anything through the back window of a police car. No one really plans for something like this to happen so when it does both parties feel like their world has been shaken to the core. Even though you might not have planned for this, there is hope.  Richard Gustafson is a criminal defense attorney that listens.  He knows the best way to resolve the matter for all involved. Human beings have this delicate balance between the strong emotional pull of love and the irrational push of unhealthy feelings that can come from one side or the other.  When the balance is tipped, things can go south in a hurry. Arrested for Domestic ViolenceRecognizing the signs that lead to violence are important.  When you feel that your relationship is headed the wrong way is the time for counseling.

Domestic Violence can ruin everything

The strongest bond that humans have is family. When that bond is broken it send ripples throughout all the lives involved and can have long-lasting psychological effects on both people involved in the incident, their children, neighbors and extended families. Often times an arrest can be the beginning of years of strife and emotional and financial distress. Seek counseling before it goes to far. If, however, your domestic relationship goes past the point of no return, it is time to seek legal counsel. Get a domestic violence lawyer.  An experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer is who you call. You call Richard Gustafson. Richard has the domestic violence defense experience to get the best results from the situation so that you can rebuild your lives. You might not be able to plan for Domestic violence but you can prepare for any eventuality.  Carry my card in your wallet. If you or your loved one is arrested, call me.

Domestic Violence – what now? Domestic Violence lawyer North Myrtle Beach