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Richard Gustafson has been practicing law in South Carolina for about 20 years. He now lives in North Myrtle Beach, SC...and has devoted his practice primarily to Personal Injury, Accidents, Criminal Law, Wills, Worker's Comp, Traffic Law, Juvenile Law, and DUI.
Gustafson Law Firm
Gustafson Law Firm2 weeks ago
No mater how bad you think it will be to be stopped by the police, it will only be worse if you run.

Have my card in your wallet and call me at (843)249-2252
Gustafson Law Firm
Gustafson Law Firm3 weeks ago
Having your mugshot shown publicly is bad, but without a competent lawyer it could be much worse. If you (or a friend) gets arrested, Call (843)249-2252
Gustafson Law Firm
Gustafson Law Firm3 weeks ago
If you post it to Facebook - it belongs to Facebook. That's part of the Terms and Conditions. That is, if it was yours to begin with.

How many of you have read the EULA of the software you use or the Terms and Conditions of the websites you visit?
Gustafson Law Firm
Gustafson Law Firm4 weeks ago
Most police in America are honest, hardworking folks that want to keep our streets safe. Some are not. This is why we record interactions with police. It protects the honest and catches the others.

Go to your local council meetings and urge them to provide better and transparent bodycam records.
Gustafson Law Firm
Gustafson Law Firm shared a link.1 month ago

Download my card, print it and have it ready!
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