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Gustafson Law Firm

Richard Gustafson has been practicing law in South Carolina for about 20 years. He now lives in North Myrtle Beach, SC...and has devoted his practice primarily to Personal Injury, Accidents, Criminal Law, Wills, Worker's Comp, Traffic Law, Juvenile Law, and DUI.
Gustafson Law Firm
Gustafson Law Firm4 days ago
If someone hands you keys to their car - you are legally responsible for it!
Gustafson Law Firm
Watch My Car!
Cool, high-rolling rich guy douchebag offers people money to watch his fancy car, which disappears as soon as they look away. It probably has something to do...
Gustafson Law Firm
Gustafson Law Firm7 days ago
Horry County's DUI Specialist. Call (843)249-2252 before answering questions or submitting to tests.
Gustafson Law Firm
Gustafson Law Firm1 week ago
A little Greek humor to start the day!
Gustafson Law Firm
Gustafson Law Firm2 weeks ago
Somebody Call (843)249-2252!
Gustafson Law Firm
Gustafson Law Firm3 weeks ago
Too cold to go play outside? Here's a stay-inside activity!
Gustafson Law Firm
Best of Hevesh5 (8)
Here is the 8th "Best of Hevesh5" compilation featuring my best domino tricks from 2017! Let me know what your favorite domino trick was in the comments! 😊 C...
Gustafson Law Firm
Gustafson Law Firm3 weeks ago
We all want to have a good time tonight.
We also would like to wake up tomorrow in our own beds.
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